UFO Press June Update

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The last month was pretty great for UFO Press: Legacy 2e I launched the playtest for the second edition of Legacy! We’ve got some feedback already and it’s shaping up very nicely. If you’d like to grab the files and take a look, head here. Patreon! I launched the UFO Press patreon, dedicated to funding monthly […]

Legacy 2e: Know Your Role!

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The relationship between your family and your character is Legacy’s big unique thing, but it’s distinct enough from the standard mode of RPGs that it could do with more support than 1e provided. One of my priorities with the 2nd edition is to provide you with more tools to describe that relationship – how your family […]

UFO Press on Patreon!

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I’ve launched a Patreon! Every month I’ll post new RPG content to the Patreon free for all backers. These could be playbooks or scenarios for UFO Press games, subsystems you can drop into ongoing games to do something different for a session, or micro RPGs similar to the ones we wrote for the 200 word […]

UFO Press: April Update

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As I have a few projects on the go at the moment I thought I’d step back and write up where I am with each of them. Enjoy! Revising the Apocalypse At the moment I’m elbows-deep in Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, tinkering and tweaking to make a draft for its revised edition. I’m aiming […]

Hijink system games now available! 

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I’ve just made What Ho World and Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen publicly available! These games are one-shot zero prep comedy games, compressed down into a 90-card deck that fits in your pocket. Loosely based on the Apocalypse World engine, What Ho, World tries to evoke Wodehousian humour: feckless gentlemen of leisure, dependable servants and meddling great-aunts. […]

Ghost Ship v0.1.3 now out

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I’ve just uploaded a new version of Ghost Ship. New in this edition: Ship construction rules. Drone and Ship modules. Programs for your characters to use. Strange quirks for characters to develop. And much more! It’s still not quite playable, but it’s getting close and closer all the time! Check out the new version and […]

Quick Characters for Legacy

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One of the things I’m hard at work on is a revised edition of Legacy. Part of this process is to identify bits of the original version that didn’t quite work in play: the one I’m talking about today is character focus. One common complaint is that with every player getting their own faction, games […]