Rhapsody of Blood

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Rhapsody of Blood is an alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition, focusing on heroic action and gothic bloodshed. As an evil castle sends its corruption into the world, will your bloodline be able to push it back?

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Rhapsody of Blood: An endless war against an evil castle from outside our world

Every generation the blood moon rises, and the castle exalts a villain with its dark gifts. They shall command its legions, use its powers to twist reality, and seek the godlike power of the unholy grail.

You’re here to stop them. Your bloodlines have fought the castle since its first emergence, and that legacy has granted you endless tenacity, strange powers, or unbreakable faith. Together, you will root out the wards of the castle where they have infested the mundane world, slay the acolytes of the castle’s regent, steal their dark power for your own and banish the regent and the castle with them.

But the castle is immortal, and the blood moon will rise again. As generations rise and fall, what tales of heroic action and gothic bloodshed will you tell?

Rhapsody of Blood is a standalone alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, written by Jay Iles and illustrated by Adrian Stone, that brings tense combat and soul-imperilling adventure to your table.

Key Features:

  • Blood-Soaked Action: The Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset has been finely tuned to suit the exploration of a nightmare castle and dynamic fights against memorable adversaries.
  • Generational Storytelling: An episodic game structure can take your story from the dark ages to the modern day, with the outcome of one generation affecting the dangers of the next.
  • Character Diversity: Five different Bloodlines combine with five customisable Explorer types to make every generation of heroes meaningfully different.
  • Ready to Go: With complete game rules, examples of play, GM advice and a prologue that teaches you the game as you go, this book has everything you need to play.

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  1. Klaus von H.

    Got this game in a bundle a little while back, and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write a review for it.

    Rhapsody of Blood is one of my top 5 favorite TTRPGs, easily, and with how many I’ve played that is saying something! This game has found such a perfect balance of the narrative freedoms that so many PbtA excel at, while having those perfect little gamified mechanics that add randomized tension and stakes. Add to that the aspect of playing members of a bloodline generation after generation, and it just offers an experience few other TTRPGs can. Also, the way combat works with major foes is a thing of absolute genius, and frankly something I think a LOT of other games could learn from!

    Also, as a diehard Castlevania fanatic, Rhapsody had its hooks in my the moment I saw the title.

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