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Godsend is an alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition, focusing on epic mythology and the end of days. Play gods and their avatars, write new myths, and face down the coming apocalypse.

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These are times of trouble: the days are numbered. Legends told us about them. We have names for them in our sacred scriptures: the Ragnarök, the War of Gods, the Apocalypse, the Arrival of Avatars, the Eternal Night, the Infinite Void.

The end of days.

But we are not alone, we are not powerless: the gods are walking among us. They are here to guide us, to save the world as we know it – or to help us reach the land of the Dead.

If we pray faithfully enough and prove our worthiness, perhaps we can be spared.

In Godsend you roam the lands as the avatar of your god, cursing mere mortals and presenting gifts to the chosen ones. Your memories are numerous, made of the lives of your predecessors, your power is almost limitless. Will you use it to fulfil the will of your god? Or, as the end times draw near, will you try to save the world?

Godsend is a standalone alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition written by Khelren and illustrated by Jess Taylor and Tithi Luadthong, focusing on epic mythology and the end of days.

Key Features:

  • As you are masters of fate, random chance plays no role in this game. Play with an entirely diceless version of the Apocalypse World system, and bend the world to your will.
  • Embody one of six divine Domains – War, Trickery, Knowledge and more.
  • Play the avatar of another player’s god, using one of eight Callings – the Angel, the Juggernaut, the Prophet and more.
  • Tell tales of heroism and loss as you guide the world towards salvation – or ruin.

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