Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

The world of man is dead.

The shining cities and glittering skies have been sundered by the Fall. Now their corpses lie in pools of pollution and the twisted creations of arcane artifice haunt their halls.

The world of man is born again.

Refined by apocalyptic fires, the survivors have emerged into the light. With remembered lore, keen blades and fierce loyalty you will retake the world. 

Legacy is a game of survival and rebuilding in a world ravaged and altered by incomprehensible calamity. Craft characters and families, head out into the wasteland and create true, lasting changes in the world. With cutting edge rules, a highly flexible multi­-generational system, and more than a dozen character playbooks to choose from, Legacy has everything you need to start playing. Get it from DriveThruRPG or our own store!


Each player controls a family – a group of survivors brought together by blood, hardship or a shared philosophy. Each playbook has a number of ways you customise your Family, from their lifestyle (Nomadic, Dispersed or Settled) to their guiding philosophies, traditions and special Moves. Each Family will also start with a number of Surpluses such as weaponry or land that show their particular strengths, and Needs such as medicine or leadership that define the things they’re lacking. These Surpluses and Needs tell you what state your Family is in at the start of the game, and give you clear goals to start the ball rolling.

Family Playbooks:

  • The Enclave of Bygone Lore hold on to some of the wonders of the World Before, but must decide whether to hoard the knowledge for themselves or risk using it to save others.
  • The Gilded Company of Merchants survived by finding something precious and using that to barter for safety. Now their wares, whether that be art, weapons or mementos, are their route to luxury and ubiquity.
  • The Lawgivers of the Wasteland hold fast to a particular code of ethics, and fight to impose order on the new world with vigilance, fortitude and vigilante justice.
  • The Servants of the One True Faith are defined by their zealous devotion to a particular cause; the healing of mankind, the renunciation of the World Before, attainment of godhood, or something else. When they channel this faith, they can accomplish superhuman feats.
  • To The Tyrant Kings, the Wasteland is a new world ripe for the taking. They use their ferocious edge in battle and web of vassal states to divide and conquer, until everything in the Wasteland answers to them.


Once you have a world, a family, and a particular issue your Family is facing, you then make a Character. Your Character might be the leader of your Family, an up-and-comer without a reputation, or an outcast, but no matter which the fate of the Family is in their hands. Legacy comes with eight different Character playbooks:

  • The Elder has seen their family through crisis after crisis, and has the wisdom, statesmanship and loyal staff needed to deal with whatever the Wasteland can throw at them.
  • The Envoy is an expert at getting other factions to do what they want. Through intrigue, diplomacy and force, they can get whatever assistance your Family needs.
  • The Hunter is who you go to when you want someone tracked down and stopped, whether they be a bestial horror or an invading warlord, and they’re equally proficient with stealth and overwhelming force.
  • The Remnant is one of those unfortunates twisted by the Fall into something inhuman. Adopted into a Family, they put their strange abilities to use protecting their new tribe.
  • The Scavenger is at home in the Wasteland and can ferret out wonders no-one else could find. A sixth sense for tech lets them rig up strange contraptions and sense it out in the ruins.
  • The Seeker has devoted their life to understanding the technology of the World Before, and can uncover its true function and repurpose it to heal or harm.
  • The Sentinel is an armour-clad colossus of battle. Whether they’re holding back a pack of beasts or building fortifications to protect an outpost, they are the bulwark on which your enemies will break.
  • The Survivor has been through worse. Far worse. They will shrug off blows, avenge the fallen, and not rest until the mission is done.

Each character can be personalised with your choice of looks, gear, stats and moves.

The Ages Turn

Legacy has built-in support for multi-generation play. Once your group has dealt with the issues of the age they can choose to move a generation or more into the future, and rules kick in to establish how each Family changes as the ages turn. This is also an opportunity to shake up the political, cultural and geographical landscape of the Wasteland, adding in new threats, factions and opportunities.

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