Voidheart Symphony

The Castle infects all.

Its Vassals rule this city.

Start your revolution.

Voidheart Symphony is a standalone sequel to Rhapsody of Blood, updating that game’s bloodsoaked gothic action to the modern day. The grand bloodlines have disappeared, and the castle now spreads its insidious tendrils throughout your city – gifting terrible power to those who will use it to oppress others, enrich themselves, and tilt this world closer to the void.

But there are some who fight back. Your characters are rebels who have realised the scale of the castle‘s corruption and decided to push back. Without a bloodline’s resources helping them, though, they’ll have to scrounge for adventuring gear. They’ll have to find their own allies willing to help them out. And they’ll have to somehow find a balance between raiding the castle and maintaining their mundane life.

As you play, you’ll jump between the shadow world and the mundane world to hunt down the castle‘s vassals and rob them of their power. You’ll steal some of that power for yourself, growing and changing as it helps you become who you truly wish to be. And as your revolution spreads from your block to your borough to a city-wide uprising, what monsters will the castle unleash to stop the creatures you have become?

Key Features

  • Mundane world rules focused on resisting society’s pressures and keeping your character healthy, happy and sane.
  • 20 different Covenants to form with the other main characters and supporting characters out there in the world – each with their own perks and ways of improving them.
  • The dramatic action of Rhapsody of Blood’s castle explorations and boss fights, adapted and improved.
  • Seven new rebel playbooks, each with different abilities in the castle and out in the modern world.

Current Draft

You can find the current draft of the game here:

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