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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

Building a new world in the ruins of the future.

Second Edition

The World Before is fallen, torn apart by an apocalypse so extreme that reality itself was shredded and warped in its wake. 

Your ancestors survived thanks to a combination of luck, preparation and grit, and now the time has come to leave their shelters and start rebuilding the world. 

You soon find the wasteland has other inhabitants: families with different perspectives on the world, secretive factions with the own agendas, and bizarre monsters stalking the wasteland. 

As generations pass and your family makes sweeping changes to the world, what stories will you tell?

Successfully kickstarted in September 2017, the second edition of Legacy brings together all the characters and families introduced in the 1st edition combined with a refined and refreshed ruleset, extended examples of play, and quickstart scenarios to let you jump straight into playing.

Parallel Legacies

We’re proud to publish a range of games based on Legacy from first-time and experienced RPG authors that take the multi-generation system of Legacy in wildly different directions. Click on the images below to learn more!

  • In Godsend by Khelren, the ancient world is ending. As the gods bicker and their chosen apostles write new myths across the world, the fate of all things will be decided.
  • In Generation Ship by Aaron Griffin, you woke up too soon from cryo in a colony ship crossing the blackness between stars. As the ship strains under the burden of its living, breathing cargo, how will you find a new home?
  • Primal Pathways by Laurence Phillips lets you trace the development of your lineage of creatures from the beginnings of sentience to the fringes of space, guided by mystical guardians.
  • Rhapsody of Blood by Jay Iles pitches the players against an evil castle from outside reality. As it invades our world again and again, what sacrifices will they make to push it back?
  • Worldfall by Katherine Cross puts you at the founding of a colony on a new world. As dreams of the frontier give way to harsh realities, what kind of society will you build?
  • Free From the Yoke by Jay Iles and Fyodor Kasatkin is a game of political fantasy inspired by Slavic history and legends. You’ve ousted the occupying empire, but what are you going to do with freedom?

First Edition

The first edition of Legacy was first released in November 2013. Over the next few years, it was refined with a successful Kickstarter, and had two follow-up supplements: Echoes of the Fall and Mirrors in the Ruins.

Hijink System

Light, humorous and zero-prep card-based storytelling games.

What Ho, World!

What Ho World! is a light role-playing game of hijinks and shenanigans set in the breezy upper classes of the roaring 20s. With the improvised storytelling of a roleplaying game and the pick-up-and-play nature of a card game, you can jump right in and tell a great story together over the space of a few hours.

Thanks to our kickstarter backer’s generosity, this game also has an expansion: Going Places adds the Adventurer archetype, a bunch of new locations to add to your game, and an extra move for each of the core game archetypes!

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen harks back to a bygone age where masters of magical might, their feckless apprentices and their wily minions play their part in stories of arcane rivalries and eldritch farce. It’s is a storytelling card game designed to be played over the course of a single session, without needing any prior preparation. Simply grab the cards, choose an archetype each, and go!

Tales From the Kingsport Gazette

An adaptation of the Hijink System to eldritch strangeness and cosmic horror, Tales From the Kingsport Gazette tells stories of small-town ambition on the edge of oblivion. If you’re interested in giving it a try, it’s available to playtest now!

Small Games

Transmission Burst: Volume 1

A collection of small RPGs made for the UFO Press patreon, Transmission Burst: Volume 1 collects 12 experimental short-form games. Inside, you’ll find games that are GM-less or diceless, games that play with narrative responsibility or the shared fiction, and quick pick-up games perfect for a palate cleanser between sessions of more complex games.

Harder They Fall

Harder They Fall is a game of final battles for the fate of the world. With a few friends and a set of dominoes, you’ll tell the story of a final battle between titanic foes. You’ll decide what sparked the conflict, where the battle’s happening, and the weapons, motivations and doubts that define each fighter. Then you’ll play out the battle, setting up chains of dominoes that grow as your fighter gathers momentum and topple as titanic blows shake the battlefield.

As you place dominoes down you’ll make statements about your fighter’s impact on the world, their growing doubts, their fraying connection with their allies and growing alliance with their enemies. When all the dominoes are toppled and peace falls over the battlefield, will you be left standing victorious? Will it have been worth it?

Ultranormal Encounters

Ultranormal Encounters is a game of otherworldly experiences and confused memories. You’ll jump between playing an abductee – confused, scared, or euphoric – and one of the agents trying to question them and uncover the truth behind what happened. As abductees call on each other to corroborate their stories and the investigation moves from subject to subject, the story of what happens will twist and turns, leaving the investigators with a final enigma to solve. And sometimes, what happened is not nearly as important as what may happen next…