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In addition to working on my own games, I am are always interested in RPG freelancing opportunities. I can provide:

  • Layout for a print or digital publication.
  • Graphic design for book covers and promotional material.
  • Design and layout for a playing card publication.
  • Creation or optimization of digital files for publication, including PDFs and ebooks.

If you’re interested, get in touch!

Examples of Work


I was excited to be contracted for HEART, Rowan, Rook and Decard’s game of body horror dungeon delving. Felix Miall’s art gave the game a real sense of grit and grime, and I played into that with careful use of textured backgrounds. Parchment behind the text, and swirled black acrylic for page borders and backgrounds behind the class spreads. For the text, I chose a serif font with a pinch of personality for the body; for the headings, I chose an all-caps, vintage-feeling font that simulated the look of pressed letters. HEART has strong themes of body horror, invasion and uncertainty – to evoke that, I worked together with Felix to make sure the art and the text frames could invade each other and flow around each other in an organic-feeling way.

Heart Bonds and Exploration Heart - the Cleaver Heart - Enlightenment Spread

200 Word RPG Contest 2018

I was hired to put together a compilation volume for the 200 Word RPG contest. The brief was to put together a book that collected all 751 entries together, to maintain the formatting of each entry exactly as it was submitted, and to present author information and notes in an attractive manner. I created a simple, refined layout that gives each entry enough whitespace to breathe while giving the reader enough signposts to guide the reading experience.

An example spread from the collected volume.

Rhapsody of Blood

As soon as I got Adrian Stone’s art back for this gothic action game, I knew it deserved a layout that looked dynamic, exciting and moody. I settled on silhouette-heavy page decorations, solid colour blocks, and angled lines as our guiding aesthetics. Character sheets were designed to give a good showing of that character type’s art, while also being clear and simple to use. Toggled layers ensured players could decide how much ink to spend printing their sheets out.

Rhapsody of Blood page layout.
Rhapsody of Blood character sheet for The Bonded

Ghost Ship

For this is a sci-fi game about computer-simulated minds, I created a layout inspired by the user interfaces seen in sci-fi media. This included futuristic fonts, geometric page elements and page backgrounds, and file path-style page headers. To balance this out, the actual text was given plenty of breathing room. Character sheets, company sheets and the system map were designed to echo the appearance of the book while being non-taxing to print.

Ghost Ship interior
Ship and Company Sheet
System Worksheet

What Ho, World

As this card game was inspired by P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves books, the cards were designed to evoke the geometric shapes and pastel colours of classic Penguin book covers.

Character cards; art by Jacqui Davis
Asset, Goal and Location cards
Box design

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