Legacy 2nd Edition is now out!

Build a new world in the ruins of the future.

A robotic beetle charges towards a woman, who raises a spear glowing with electricity to fight it.

In the new edition of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins you’ll make your own post-apocalyptic world, control a family of survivors, and tell the saga of your new society over generations. Based on years of feedback from 1st edition, the new edition tightens up the flow of the game, ties characters to their families like never before, and gives you even more tools to create a distinctive and compelling world. Pick it up today!

Key features:

  • From grand strategy to desperate struggle. Shift freely between commanding the movements of spies and armies and fighting monsters in a ruined wasteland, using the fast and dramatic rules of the Powered by the Apocalypse engine.
  • A game of histories. Write the saga of your family over generations and draw on your ancestor’s powers, even as you face the unexpected consequences of their actions.
  • Endless variety. 11 family types and 13 character types create hundreds of possibilities, each with its own meaning for the story you’re telling.
  • Hit the ground running. Start playing today with the included quickstart, complete with five pairs of families and characters, story prompts and a sunless world filled with hungry spectres.

3 Replies to “Legacy 2nd Edition is now out!”

  1. Hi there, if I might ask, in very rough terms what changed in 2nd Edition of Legacy?
    And which families does it feature? Are the Starfarers or the Synthetic Hive included?

    Also, FYI, I could only access your blog by adding /blog to the adress bar, the link at the top still leads to co.uk.

  2. Hi! All Families and Characters from all three 1st edition books are represented here, though all of them have seen at least a few edits and some have been comprehensively rewritten.
    For 2e, we have:
    – Tied gameplay much closer to the map, both in the family creation session and as you play.
    – Given characters a role within their family, and advancement as they change roles.
    – Rewritten basically all the basic moves.
    – Made a gear system that waxes and wanes based on a family’s surpluses, and rules for Tech that make it more freeform but also better directed.
    – Added a ton more play advice and examples of play.
    That’s the high-level view, at least. Check out the free quickstart if you want to see it in more detail!
    (also, thanks for letting me know about the blog link – should be fixed now)

  3. Thanks for your answer, I’ve bought it. So far I’m liking what I’ve seen. I’ve noticed it’s also written much clearer than the first version, which I like a lot.

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