War among the Ruins

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Legacy 2e has been out for over 10 days, and is still in the #1 Bestseller spot on DriveThruRPG! If you want to soak in more of it ambience, we’ve also put up an Art Book and a collection of wasteland-themed audio tracks.  One thing people new to Apocalypse World-derived games trip up on is […]

Legacy 2nd Edition is now out!

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Build a new world in the ruins of the future. In the new edition of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins you’ll make your own post-apocalyptic world, control a family of survivors, and tell the saga of your new society over generations. Based on years of feedback from 1st edition, the new edition tightens up the flow of […]

Legacy: Scarcity vs Adaptation

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As I’ve been promoting Legacy 2nd Edition basically everywhere it’s made me really think about what sets it apart from Apocalypse World. It’d be easy to say it’s the family mechanics – that’s certainly the big showcase mechanic. But for me it goes deeper. Essentially, it’s about the philosophy of the game. Most post-apoc fiction […]

Legacy 2e: Know Your Role!

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The relationship between your family and your character is Legacy’s big unique thing, but it’s distinct enough from the standard mode of RPGs that it could do with more support than 1e provided. One of my priorities with the 2nd edition is to provide you with more tools to describe that relationship – how your family […]