Looking for writers – Post-apocalyptic essays!

For the next few books of Legacy, we’re planning to include essays to help groups bring different aspects of post-apocalyptic society to life. There are two books:

The Engine of Life is about how society can rebuild and move out of the post-apocalyptic state into a new status quo, and wants essays on Hope, Love and Tradition.

End Game is more cynical, about how the monsters of the wasteland and backbiting struggles of the survivors could cause another, final apocalypse. For this, we want essays on Exploitation, Strategy and Tragedy.

I’m looking for ~2000 words, paying £0.05/word. If that sounds interesting, get in touch at ufopressrpgs@gmail.com or ask questions here! If you’d like to send us a writing sample, it’d be best to see something critically engaging with a work of media or genre, talking about its strengths and flaws, and (optionally but best) how it could be used to inspire roleplaying.