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You’re tailor-wizards who’ve completed your apprenticeship. Now you’re travelling the world, looking for magical insight!

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Finalist: Game Chef 2017

A game about fashion, travel and everyday magic.

You are mages who draw power from fabric, threads and garments. As a coming-of-age rite you’re travelling the world. You’ll visit new cultures, find out why they value the fashion they do, and summon the spirits of garments to learn magical secrets.

You’re only novices, and things won’t always go well. You might fall in love, get involved in local politics, or overindulge at a festival. When you summon spirits, be careful. You might twist them into a rampaging monster, or destroy the culture’s relationship with the garment. What right do you have to power?

Weave is a diceless storytelling game for two or more players. To play, you’ll just need some paper, character sheets, some crayons/pens, and a few hours to play through an episode of your journey.

  • 20 pages.
  • Softcover.

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