Ultranormal Encounters

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A one-shot storytelling game of mysterious events and clouded memories.

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You can’t quite remember what happened. Your memories are in fragments, out of sync or missing. But there is one thing you know for sure; it was beyond this world. Something took – abducted – you. Whisked you away from the mundanities of day to day life.  And now, some government agents want to have a word.

The Game

Ultranormal Encounters is a game of otherworldly experiences and confused memories. You’ll jump between playing an abductee – confused, scared, or euphoric – and one of the agents trying to question them and uncover the truth behind what happened. As abductees call on each other to corroborate their stories and the investigation moves from subject to subject, the story of what happens will twist and turns, leaving the investigators with a final enigma to solve. And sometimes, what happened is not nearly as important as what may happen next…

How to play

To play, you’ll need two to four friends, a standard deck of cards with the jokers removed, some note paper, and a few hours free.

Ultranormal Encounters comes with 5 different playsets, ranging from college students on a camping trip to 19th century sailors found drifting in an abandoned sailing ship, as well as guidance on making your own.

With an innovative card-based game setup mechanic, each playset can create dozens of different scenarios!

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