What Ho World deck printing update

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What ho, Production is still moving apace on What Ho World – it’s nice to see it getting progressively closer to completion! What Ho World deck proof I got my physical copy of What Ho, World! from DriveThruCards today. Overall I’d say I’m very happy with it, especially as what little damage there was from […]

What Ho World: Playtest Report

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It was the introductory meeting for Oxford University RPG society today, which gave me a great opportunity to see how people who never roleplayed before enjoyed What Ho, World. Overall, it was very positive! We spent a lot of the session laughing, and every character had a fun plotline. We had a blackmailing butler accumulating a […]

What Ho World Design Diary 6: Art!

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Things are pretty quiet on the What Ho World front at the moment – we’re going through playtests and nailing down how card printing and deck fulfillment is going to work. That’s all pretty dull to talk about though, so instead I thought I’d show you something very exciting: the art! Like the rest of […]