Legacy: Character Example of Play

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One of the things I’ve often been asked for with Legacy is an example of play. It’s been a while, but I finally made time! This example focuses in on character mechanics and combat – I’m also going to write up some family-level play. Machine dawn Here’s the initial situation. Our party of characters is […]

The Fifth Season and a perpetual apocalypse

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I’m currently reading NK Jemisin’s The Fifth Season – winner of last year’s Hugo Award – and it’s excellent if exceptionally grim. The basic gist is that it takes place in a land constantly wracked with extreme geological turmoil. Society has been shaped by the constant pressure to survive, such that people count the regular […]

Legacy: Mirrors in the Ruins coming soon!

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We’ve just sent the (hopefully) final PDF of Mirrors in the Ruins to playtesters – assuming no huge errors are found, you should be able to get your hands on it within the week! As a reminder, it includes: 8 playbooks, showing the perspective of the inhuman things that haunt the wasteland. Each ‘type’ of […]

New Playbook: The Synthetic Hive

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Our poll had a runaway leader: here’s the first playbook we’re spoiling from Mirrors, the Synthetic Hive. As you might expect, the Hive is all about technology. Specifically, Tech. Most of their moves involve spending or gaining it, and especially with Vast Digital Archives the Hive has a strong incentive to go out into the […]

Legacy: Mirrors in the Ruins

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Exciting news for Legacy: I’ve teamed up with another designer to begin work on another supplement for the game! Mirrors in the Ruins will look at the inhuman things that make their home in the Wasteland, and give you a chance to explore how the post-apocalyptic world looks from their perspective with family and character […]

Legacy: Finding the Drama

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While players in Legacy have plenty of ways to proactively chase their plots and change the world, it’s helpful as a GM to have ways of introducing adversity and opportunity into the character’s lives. Here are some places to find inspiration in Legacy. First Session The procedure laid out in Chapter 1 builds a world […]

Legacy: The Road Wars

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Post-apocalyptic fiction and over-the-top vehicles are strongly linked in many minds, and if Legacy had been written after seeingFury Road you can bet it would have had more focus devoted to the chariots of the wasteland! The core game’s rules allow you to play a game where these vehicles play a part, but it’d be […]