Legacy: Mirrors in the Ruins coming soon!

Mirrors in the Ruins

We’ve just sent the (hopefully) final PDF of Mirrors in the Ruins to playtesters – assuming no huge errors are found, you should be able to get your hands on it within the week!

As a reminder, it includes:

8 playbooks, showing the perspective of the inhuman things that haunt the wasteland. Each ‘type’ of creature – uplifted animals, raiders from the depths, robot swarms, and stranded aliens – comes with a family and character playbook, which can be freely mixed and matched with existing Legacy playbooks.

Mega-Projects: Civilisation Wonder-style grand projects Families can embark on to change the face of the wasteland.

A new stat for Families: Sleight. Sleight allows you to hide your family’s actions, conspire in secret, and protect yourself from espionage. The playbooks in Mirrors give the game a bit more of an antagonistic cast, so we decided to add this stat as an optional tool to flesh out conflicts between families and NPC factions.

Play advice for all the above!

I’ll post here when it’s out, but am happy to answer any questions you have in the meantime!