Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen

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  • A roleplaying game that fits in your pocket.
  • Tell a fun story with no prep required!

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Grab your wand, lock away your treasure and grab some hapless adventures from the tavern. It’s time to work some magic!

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen harks back to a bygone age where masters of magical might, their feckless apprentices and their wily minions play their part in stories of arcane rivalries and eldritch farce.

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen is a roleplaying card game designed to be played over the course of a single session, without needing any prior preparation. Simply grab the cards, choose an archetype each, and go! The game handles story pacing and character spotlight time for you, and there’s plenty of prompts included to spark your imagination.

Game Rules

To get an idea of how the game plays, check out the rules here.

Game contents

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen contains 90 cards:

  • 5 character decks of 9 cards, each with 5 different abilities to choose from and 2 relationships to other characters;
  • 25 Goals for your characters to aim at and Assets to help them get there;
  • 15 locations to visit with prompts to guide your scenes;
  • 5 rules reference cards.

Play time: 90-180 minutes. Players: 3-5. Ages: 13+

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