Voidheart Symphony: The Revolution and Retaliation update

Hey folks, I’ve uploaded a new version of the Voidheart Symphony RPG to Itch.io – tightening up rules, making investigations flow better, and tweaking a lot of the arcana.

If you’re interested in a full changelog, you can read through that here, but briefly this version had four main priorities.

  • I started another layout pass on the main book. It should be much more readable now, and more vibrant and eye-catching. Also check out the playbook art we’ve received from Marie Enger!
  • I fleshed out the advancement economy of the game. It now makes clear what growing attunement to the World and the Void means for your rebels.
  • The procedures of play flow better and are communicated more clearly. It should be a lot easier to see how an investigation works, and how you take down a Vassal!
  • The game is clearer about what it’s trying to say about marginalisation, intersectionality and revolution.

I’m very proud of where this game is going. If you’re a kickstarter or backerkit backer, your download keys should be going out this week. Otherwise, you can grab the PDF now at https://ufo-mina.itch.io/voidheart-symphony

If you’ve read or played the game and have feedback, get in touch at mina@ufopress.co.uk or on our discord server – I’d love to hear from you.