Mysthea: Legends From the Borderlands is now live!

Montara was shattered by war. Once the jewel of the Borderlands, it now bears the scars of occupation. Will you lead it into a bright new future, or only enrich yourselves?

Mockup of the book of Mysthea: Legends From the Borderlands
We’re aiming to produce a beautiful hardcover book – 200+ pages at 8.5″x11″

Mysthea: Legends From the Borderlands is a game of politics, adventure and discovery in a geomantic fantasy world.

A jagged, obsidian creature bound up in golden chains heralds the arrival of the Kitrean Empire.
Fight the forces of the Kitrean Empire, and repair the scars of their occupation.

You’ll play a faction working in this city to repair its wounds and pursue your patron’s agenda. But you’ll also play a hero living in this city, getting entangled in its intrigue, culture and violence.

The holiest site of the Ancient Guild of Lusma.
What forces will your House call upon to change the world?

If you’re intruigued by the Mysthea Universe, it’s your chance to experience this world in detail and make your own mark on it.

If you’re a roleplaying game fan, it’s a system custom-designed to tell a decade-spanning story of divided loyalties and post-war rebuilding in a beautiful fantasy world, building on what we’ve learned from Legacy: Life Among the Ruins.

The Deluxe edition of the book.
And, of course, there’s a Deluxe Edition if you’re feeling fancy!

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