Topple titans and fight for the fate of the world in HARDER THEY FALL

A game of epic battles and world-shaking blows played with dominoes:

Now live on Kickstarter!

When I got an email from Kickstarter about their Quickstarter initiative, it sparked my imagination – I’d really like there to be a room in the ecosystem for short-form, simple campaigns, in addition to the labours of love years in the making.

Over the past few weeks I’ve put Harder They Fall together in a flurry of design, playtested it, constructed an initial layout and I’m pretty proud of it. It fuses together my love of epic battles between titanic foes – kaiju and titans and mecha and gods – and my love of no-prep storytelling games, borrowing heavily from the works of Epidiah Ravachol and Vincent Baker, as well as from Subset Game’s Into the Breach.

If you’d like a light game about titanic combat, want to see how I’ve incorporated the physicality of dominoes as well as their numeric value into a resolution system, or just want to watch an actual play video of combat between a kaiju, a god and a ragtag band of heroes, check out the Kickstarter page!