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The age of man is dead. The new age is just beginning.

The wasteland is waiting for you.

Survive. Evolve. Thrive.


Your ancestors survived a world-twisting cataclysm. Now it’s time to leave your shelter, and start rebuilding the world. 

But the wasteland is home to others: families with strange ways and miraculous powers, secretive factions with their own agendas, and bizarre monsters stalking the ruins. 

As generations pass and your family evolves and adapts to this new world, what stories will you tell?

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins is a roleplaying game about the end of the world and what comes after. You’ll build your own unique post-apocalyptic landscape, home to scattered families of survivors. Take control of a family of survivors, play the brave heroes that define them, and guide them through the grand sweep of history.

Expand Your Wasteland


The Fall shattered the World Before, but we’ve made it through catastrophes before. Every time our world falls apart, we’ve found a way to survive. And we won’t just endure, but work together with friends new and old to build a new life.

Legacy: The Engine of Life holds a range of ways to point your game of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins towards an eventual rebirth.

Find new, community-buiilding playbooks, rules tweaks, verdant wonders and more!


The main shock of the Fall is over, and we survived that… barely. But the world’s remnants are fragile, teetering on the precipice of oblivion. And even if we hold it together, the wasteland’s creatures are far better adapted to this new world than we could ever be…

Legacy: End Game is a Pandora’s box full of horrors and torments to bring into your game of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

Monstrous playbooks, wonders to seal away evil, terrifying doomsday clocks and a pulse-pounding quickstart scenario all await!

Discover New Worlds

Free From the Yoke cover
Free From the Yoke: Nation-building in the aftermath of revolution.
Generation Ship Cover
Generation Ship: Clinging onto life in a hulk drifting between the stars.
Godsend cover
Godsend: Sagas of gods and their avatars at the end of the world.
Primal Pathways cover
Primal Pathways: Evolve your species from the primorddial soup to the stars.
Rhapsody of Blood cover
Rhapsody of Blood: The Blood moon rises, bringing a castle full of monsters. Fight back.
Worldfall cover
Worldfall: You've made landfall on a new planet. What sort of society will you build?