Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 1st Edition

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The old world was twisted and ravaged by the Fall, but your clan survived. Play through their saga of struggle, discovery and conquest!

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The world of man is dead. The shining cities and glittering skies have been sundered by the Fall. Now their corpses lie in pools of pollution and the twisted creations of arcane artifice haunt their halls.

The world of man is born again.
Refined by apocalyptic fires, the survivors have emerged into the light. With remembered lore, keen blades and fierce loyalty they will retake the world.

Legacy is, essentially, a prettier, cleaner, and more-refined version of Baker’s game… arguably the prettiest game the Apocalypse has produced.” – GeekNative.com

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins is a tabletop roleplaying game about the survivors of a reality-twisting apocalypse. You’ll explore the different families they form, and the new world they will create as the ages turn. Craft characters and families, head out into the wasteland and create true, lasting changes in the world.

With cutting ­edge rules, a highly flexible multi­-generational system, and more than a dozen playbooks to choose from, Legacy has everything you need to start playing.

Product Features

Five family playbooks. Wandering lawgivers, devout cultists, expansionist tyrants and more.

Eight character playbooks.  A range of characters to play, from the wise Elder to the brutal Hunter.

Strong Worldbuilding Tools. The homeland creation system guides your group through making your own wasteland to play in.

Play at Multiple Scales.  Seamlessly switch between invading an empire with your armies and exploring an ancient ruin with your companions.

Play Across Generations. As each new age presents challenges for your family, a new character will rise from their ranks strengthened by the relics of past heroes.

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