Legacy: Mirrors in the Ruins

You call this a wasteland? Perhaps in your eyes. But what you see as ruins is the only home we’ve ever known. We can teach you how to survive here: how to let it change you as it changed us.

Mirrors in the Ruins further expands Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, giving players and GMs extra options to use in the game. In this book you will find:

Eight New Playbooks

Mirrors in the Ruins brings an inhuman perspective to Legacy, letting you play as creatures that would normally be dismissed as monsters and threats to human settlements. Each origin has an associated Family and Character playbook, which can be freely mixed and matched with those from Legacy and Echoes of the Fall.

  • The Synthetic Hive and The Borg represent the artificial robotic servants of humanity, given independence and ambition by the Fall. They emphasise durability, versatility, and a bloody-minded dedication to their goals.
  • The Pioneers of the Depths and The Raider are aquatic experts, whether they originate from the terrible splicing of human and fish or represent the remainder of those who sought safety beneath the waves during the Fall. The Pioneers are masters at extracting resources from the seas and acting underwater, while the Raider is an expert in striking at the heart of civilised lands before disappearing into the wilderness with their looted treasure.
  • The Stranded Starfarers and The Promethean have incredible technology far beyond the heights of the Before. They can bombard from orbit, abduct dignitaries, and reconfigure devices as easily as thinking, but they’re very frail if directly countered.
  • The Uplifted Children of Mankind and The Untamed are the progeny of experiments to graft sentience onto animals. From their primal roots, they gain savagery in battle, vigor in movement and pack loyalty when acting together. From their human grafts, they gain a drive to prove themselves worthy of humanity and respect.


Mega Projects

These grand plots bring something like the Wonders of the Civilisation games to Legacy. They’re colossal undertakings that a family builds over many ages, culminating in something that changes the Homeland forever. They add a competitive resource management layer to Legacy: hoard and spend your Surpluses carefully and watch where other Families invest them.

Mirrors in the Ruins comes with four Mega-Project examples: building a city, fomenting revolution, creating a network of communication and academic exchange, and plunging the Homeland into total war!

New Rules

Running With Mirrors tiny

We also include new rules to promote the themes of Mirrors in the Ruins. For our alien protagonists, we provide rules for hostile environments and vehicles to traverse them.

For the increased hostility between Families created by the inhuman focus and Mega-Projects, we add a new Family stat – Sleight. This allows you to conspire in secret and hide your movements from other families.

Finally, we provide rules for Factions. These GM-controlled groups act on the Family scale, and have their own Surpluses and Needs to guide their behaviour and act as effective antagonists and allies.

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