Legacy: Echoes of the Fall

The Fall never stopped. The greatest of the cataclysms have burned themselves out, but storms, earthquakes and less visible aftershocks are still reverberating. Still, where there is danger there is always opportunity…

Echoes of the Fall expands Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, giving players and GMs extra options to use in the game. In this book you will find:

  • Three new playbooks: The Cultivators of New Flesh use esoteric techniques to grow crops, craft drugs and rear beasts fit for the new world, the Enclave of Sworn Hunters track down the powerful monsters created by the fall, and the Firebrand uses insurrection and sabotage to undermine their family’s enemies.
  • Salvaged Technology: 10 pieces of pre-Fall tech ready to drop into your game, along with a new system for unlocking the potential of the tech you find in play.
  • A Dangerous Wasteland: 20 different locations, settlements, natural hazards, monsters and other threats to fill your game with.

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