Hostile Waters 3 – Titanic

We’re back! Sorry it’s taken a while – being scattered across three different time zones made it hard to organise a session, not to mention running the Kickstarter for Legacy: The Next World. If you missed that, we’ll be launching a BackerKit pledge manager running until late November, so there’s plenty of time to get on board.

In this episode, we continue the exploration of the derelict, city-sized ship. Eva finds the truth behind her hoard’s messages, Feligus discovers a new way of making music, and Cpt. Wilkes gets his hands dirty. And deep underwater, Lima Sierra comes back online and learns the true dangers of the depths…

Taking part:

  • Jay (@jayciles) as the GM.
  • Laurence (@sarkyfrood) playing Feligus Vasp, Elder of the Ascendant Ensemble (Eternal Masquerade).
  • Dave playing Cpt. Eva Stern, Scavenger of the People’s Fleet (Pioneers of the Depths).
  • Thea playing Cpt. Wilkes, Agent of the Aerial Board of Control (Gilded Company of Merchants).
  • Douglas playing Lima Sierra, Machine of the Acanti (Stranded Starfarers).

Thanks for listening!

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong (portfolio).