Hostile Waters 2 – Protoplasma

Welcome back to Hostile Waters! Following our delving into the mysteries of Cliffside, we zoom out to see what the character’s Families are getting up to. Witness research and medicine, trade and diplomacy, and infiltration of an ancient ruin prowled by mechanical guardians.

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Taking part:

  • Jay (@jayciles) as the GM.
  • Laurence (@sarkyfrood) playing Feligus Vasp, Elder of the Ascendant Ensemble (Eternal Masquerade).
  • Dave playing Cpt. Eva Stern, Scavenger of the People’s Fleet (Pioneers of the Depths).
  • Thea playing Director Seraphine Blake, Envoy of the Aerial Board of Control (Gilded Company of Merchants).

Thanks for listening!

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong (portfolio).