Hostile Waters 1 – Cliffside

Welcome back to Hostile Waters! In our first episode of actual play, we meet the aeronautical entrepreneurs of the Aerial Board of Control, engage in negotiations with the miners of Cliffside, run into meteorological distress in a hot air balloon,  and discover a dark secret deep underneath mountain and waves.

Taking part:

  • Jay (@jayciles) as the GM.
  • Laurence (@sarkyfrood) playing Feligus Vasp, Elder of the Ascendant Ensemble (Eternal Masquerade).
  • Douglas (co-author of Legacy) playing Lima Sierra, Machine of the Acanti (Stranded Starfarers).
  • Dave playing Cpt. Eva Stern, Scavenger of the People’s Fleet (Pioneers of the Depths).
  • Thea playing Director Seraphine Blake, Envoy of the Aerial Board of Control (Gilded Company of Merchants).

Thanks for listening!

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong (portfolio).