Hostile Waters 0 – After the Flood

I hope you enjoyed Red Moon Rising! This is the start of Hostile Waters, a new campaign run in Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition. We’re also incorporating material from the next two books: The Engine of Life and End Game. This session is just an initial world setup and family/character creation, but please listen if you want to dive deep into our world!

Also: apologies for the audio quality. Our recording solution crashed halfway through and I needed to go with a backup. Don’t worry though – we have a better solution in place for the next ep.

Taking part:

  • Jay (@jayciles) as the GM.
  • Laurence (@sarkyfrood) playing Feligus Vasp, Elder of the Ascendant Ensemble (Eternal Masquerade).
  • Douglas (co-author of Legacy) playing Lima Sierra, Machine of the Acanti (Stranded Starfarers).
  • Dave playing Cpt. Eva Stern, Scavenger of the People’s Fleet (Pioneers of the Depths).

Thanks for listening!

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong (portfolio).