Red Moon Rising 9 – Ascension

It’s time for the finale of Red Moon Rising!

In this session, Zithar discovers a new use for their satchels, Julia makes a final sacrifice, Hector falls prey to fatalism, and Alexandria reaches a new level of communion with her spirit.

Thanks so much to the Gauntlet community for hosting these sessions, and to my players. Keep an ear open for what we’re playing next! As for Rhapsody of Blood, it’s now at the printers – look for it going on sale by the end of May!

Red Moon Rising was hosted by Jay Iles (@jayciles), with Hector played by Jesse Larimer, Zithar played by Tomer Gurantz (@tgurantz), Julia played by Derek Grimm, Alexandria played by Aaron DeRosa (@OrderedPlace), Isidor played by Maria Rivera (@thoobn), and Cygan played by Ellen Saxon. Originally recorded as part of The Gauntlet Hangouts.

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong (portfolio)

Intro/outro music is “Space (Full)” by Andy G. Cohen

Background audio provided by Tabletop Gaming Audio