Red Moon Rising 7 – The Mist-Shrouded Menagerie

Legacy 2e is now out! Rhapsody of Blood wouldn’t exist without it, so if this game has interested you go check it out!

In this episode, two new heroes are introduced, the border between man and beast is crossed, and the hunter becomes the hunted. We’re coming close to the end now…

Hosted by Jay Iles (@jayciles), with Hector played by Jesse Larimer, Zithar played by Tomer Gurantz (@tgurantz), Julia played by Derek Grimm, and Alexandria played by Aaron DeRosa (@OrderedPlace). Originally recorded as part of The Gauntlet Hangouts.

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong (portfolio)

Intro/outro music is “Space (Full)” by Andy G. Cohen

Background audio provided by Tabletop Gaming Audio.