Red Moon Rising 4: Purification

The party of explorers have made their way to the heart of the Baptismal Hall. Now they face down the Arch-Purifier. Can they survive?

In this episode:

  • Our first proper explorer-on-acolyte boss fight!
  • The gifts the castle provides to those that accept its contamination!
  • Downtime actions from Bloodlines!
  • Some terrible things happen to someone’s eyes!

Hosted by Jay Iles (@jayciles), with Isidor played by Maria Rivera (@thoobn), Hector played by Jesse Larimer, and Alexandria played by Aaron DeRosa (@OrderedPlace). Originally recorded as part of The Gauntlet Hangouts.

Cover art by Tithi Luadthong (portfolio)

Intro/outro music is “Space (Full)” by Andy G. Cohen

Background audio provided by Tabletop Gaming Audio