Red Moon Rising 1: Emergence

I’m trying to do a lot more of my playtesting online these days. It’s a bit more of a pain to arrange and I prefer running face-to-face, but it gives me a recording – useful for sharing what gameplay is like and helping me spot what isn’t working. And if I have a recording, why not edit it down to an audio format that’s easy for people to listen to?

I thought I’d start with a new series of playtests for Rhapsody of Blood, the Legacy hack I’m making thanks to the 2nd Edition Kickstarter. It’s inspired by Castlevania, Bloodborne and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, casting the players as bloodlines of explorers waging an endless war against an invading eldritch castle from outside reality. If you’d like to try your own game of it, you can download the current playbooks here.

I’m using this to pilot Project Blue Book –  a podcast from UFO Press showcasing actual play of our games, interviews with other designers, and audio design diaries. I know audio quality’s a little rough – one of the perils of record from Google Hangouts – but I’m fast at work looking for ways to improve it. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!