Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen

  • A roleplaying game that fits in your pocket.
  • Tell a fun story with no prep required!

What Ho, World!

  • A roleplaying game that fits in your pocket!
  • No preparation required – just grab a deck and go.
  • Tell a story of 1920s glamour and upper-class farce.

Legacy: Mirrors in the Ruins

You call this a wasteland? Perhaps in your eyes. But what you see as ruins is the only home we’ve ever known. We can teach you how to survive here: how to let it change you as it changed us.

Mirrors in the Ruins reverses Legacy’s normal perspective, giving players and GMs the chance to see the wasteland from the local’s point of view. They may seem monstrous or bizarre, but this is their world now. Will humanity welcome their new kin, or push the world into another cataclysm?

Legacy: Echoes of the Fall

Echoes of the Fall expands Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, giving players and GMs extra options to use in the game.


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Legacy: Scarcity vs Adaptation

As I’ve been promoting Legacy 2nd Edition basically everywhere it’s made me really think about what sets it apart from Apocalypse World. It’d be easy to say it’s the family mechanics – that’s certainly the Read more…