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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins


The old world was twisted and ravaged by the Fall. Out of its ruins, your clan of survivors have emerged, as changed by catastrophe as the world around them. As generations rise and fall, what tales of wonder and horror will your family tell?

Expansions for Legacy:

Legacy: Echoes of the Fall


Expanding on the basic game, Echoes of the Fall gives players and GMs extra options to use in the game. Rear strange beasts, unlock new powers from the technology that you scavenge, and find new wonders and horrors in the wasteland.

Legacy: Mirrors in the Ruins

Looking at the wasteland from an entirely different perspective, Mirrors in the Ruins gives you monsters and machines to play as, grand projects to build up, hostile environments to travel through, and tools for deception and underhanded dealings between Families and Factions.

Hijink System

Based on a heavily modified version of the Powered by the Apocalypse Engine (as seen in Legacy), these games give you all you need in a pack of cards to create a one-shot story of farce, ambition, comedy and hubris – all without a GM or prep.

What Ho, World!


Set in the leisurely lives of 1920s London, What Ho, World! brings you Wodehousian tales of gentlemen of leisure, dependable servants and overbearing great-aunts.

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen

Wizards Aren’t Gentlemen harks back to a bygone age where masters of magical might, their feckless apprentices and their wily minions┬áplay their part in stories of arcane rivalries and eldritch farce.

Ghost Ship

A sci-fi game about crossing thresholds, space exploration, and transhumanism.
You’re a mind scan created to be activated in the event of the original’s death. Now that’s happened, but society has no place for you to be anything but a memorial sitting pretty on a server. You’ve got to get out of there, find a life for yourself beyond atmosphere and gravity, claim the frontier humanity gave up.
Ghost Ship is still in production – watch the blog for updates!


Ultranormal Encounters

Ultranormal Encounters

A one-shot, GM-less game about the strange events that shatter mundane life, the survivors trying to hold on to the incomprehensible truth they glimpsed, and the agents trying to understand the truth of what really happened.