Rhapsody of Blood playtest session 2

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With the castle banished for now, we explore the bloodlines each founder created to prepare for its return. When it invades again – in the heart of 1523 Rome – it will be met by a faithful and superstitious lineage of shepherds, devotees of a holy library, mystics hungrily searching for power and half-dead beserkers trying to fight the rage within.

Rhapsody of Blood Playtest session 1

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We start a playtest campaign of Rhapsody of Blood – gothic action in an evil castle from beyond the world. A good-hearted shepherd, a mystical librarian, a flame-possessed sorcerer and a victim of the castle struggling against corruption face down the castle’s regent in an epic battle to push back evil.

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Rhapsody of Blood in public playtesting!

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Hey folks, Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve started running a playtest of Rhapsody of Blood for those folks over at The Gauntlet. Our first session is live on youtube now: Here’s the version of the game we’re playing, and here’s the google sheets document we’re using to track characters. If you end […]


So that was 2017. How did we do?

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It’s been a while since I last posted here, eh? With the Legacy 2e Kickstarter a smashing success (#32 most funded in 2017!) I haven’t had much time to keep this place updated, but I thought it might be nice to post a roundup of the year that’s passing. January-March: What Ho World fulfilment We started […]


Legacy: Scarcity vs Adaptation

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As I’ve been promoting Legacy 2nd Edition basically everywhere it’s made me really think about what sets it apart from Apocalypse World. It’d be easy to say it’s the family mechanics – that’s certainly the big showcase mechanic. But for me it goes deeper. Essentially, it’s about the philosophy of the game. Most post-apoc fiction […]


New version of Legacy 2nd Edition out

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Version 1.2 of Legacy 2nd edition is now up on the UFO Press patreon! This release has a ton of new stuff over the previous one. Besides the gorgeous art running through the whole document, we have: Simplified basic moves for Families. Fleshed out Gear of all kinds. Added a 7th Family – The Order […]